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  • Proven track record in operating the first BTC-KRW exchange,

  • A commitment to security, trust, and transparency,

  • Backed by a world renowned group of investors.

Trusted Exchange

The world's first Bitcoin-Korean Won exchange, built with cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach.

Secure and Convenient Wallet

The easiest and most secure multi-sig wallet ever

Blockchain Consulting

Korbit the leading Bitcoin business company experiments and shares world class technology and knowhow about Blockchain in various areas.

Money Remittance Service

Korea's first Bitcoin remittance service. Send money directly to any Korean bank account using Bitcoin quickly with no transaction fees.

Global Payments Processing

A simple and quick method to receive payments from anywhere in the world without burdensome fees.

  • Korea's first Bitcoin Exchange Korbit received investments from top Silicon Valley investors such as Tim Draper and Naval Ravikant. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the Korean Government helped to arrange a meeting with such investors.

  • Korbit CEO Tony Lyu: "Let's go beyond the debate of Bitcoin as a currency. Bitcoin is an entirely new industry." Bitcoin can become a growth engine for the Korean economy.

  • "Bitcoin can be the second Internet revolution," said Korbit Director Louis Kim. "Korea should take advantage of the potentially revolutionary Bitcoin ecosystem."

Korbit Investors

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